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A Holistic Wellness Destination, offering a Transformative Fusion of ancient practices.

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Flexible Options to Suit Your Lifestyle: We understand the importance of convenience. Everyone can be a member. Paid members benefit more by getting certified, archive access; etc, As well as exclusive shares.

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Mindful Movement Enthusiast

Embark on your fundamental mindful movement journey and explore self-care, life preservation, and wellness fundamentals.

Balanced Wellness Seeker

Holistic well-being is designed to enhance fundamental bases and optimize every aspect influencing personal growth and learning.

Optimal Well-Being

Unlock coaches' insights and skills, delving into the profound wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Elevate your transformative journey.

What people are saying

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Simply a cut above the rest. The instructors are friendly awesome and push you just hard enough that you go further each time and do better each time. They are also mindful of injuries/age etc and help you overcome those obsticals, making it friendly for all. Having done other martial arts before and doing a different style of kung fu now (because i moved away) I can comfortably say this is best place to learn martial arts, be it kung fu, wing chung, qi gong or tai chi.

— D3c0n, Cape Town

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I mainly wanted to train the Shaolin system. The first day that I walked in the centre I saw Shirfu Jeff Lan meditating in his medicine room, and I experienced a connection with him immediately, even though I never spoke to him for the first couple of months. I decided without hesitation to follow him………… At the beginning it was very difficult to discard my “western” thinking and I became emotional; but I realized that I could only learn from Shirfu by having a beginner’s empty mind every day; only with that state of mind could I absorb those teachings and then with the same empty mind could I apply them through training.

— Jeronimo De Los Rios, Colombia

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I have experienced and witnessed Shirfu’s healing abilities, both as a patient and as a student, following and learning under his guidance. Shirfu lives by what he teaches – his clarity of mind, sensitivity and ability to connect with patients come from his ongoing commitment and dedication to his training and Qi Gong. Despite his advanced level of skill, he has great humility and sees himself as continuously learning, both from his teachers and students………Learning under Shirfu is not just about learning a “skill” – to be a healer of others, you first have to learn to heal yourself, develop sensitivity and to cultivate Qi.

— Bridget Lloyd, Western Cape

Member Benefits

Exclusive VIP Access - Paying Subscribers;

  • Dr. Jeff Lan, a Chinese medicine and martial arts expert, and guests share pre-recorded and livestream talks.
  • TCM, technical movement, and training topics
  • Co-lab SA Health Qigong provides exclusive training sessions, travel perks, community, and discounts.
  • Have access to an array of exclusive instructional resources.
  • Discounts, ebooks, videos, and material are all accessible.
  • Stay connected and updated on your journey to holistic well-being.

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Train 100% online with on-demand access 24/7 with an option to join our live in-person sessions

Free To Explore

Unlock a glimpse of the 1MindBodyFitness world with our free access program, offering a taste of the holistic self-care, self-healing, and self-practice wellness journey.
  • Immerse yourself in Chinese Medicine's profound wisdom,
  • Savor the elegance of Kung Fu,
  • Find tranquility in Qigong,
  • Experience mindfulness through Tai Chi, 
  • Connect deeply through Meditation.
While our detailed offerings are reserved for subscribers, this is your chance to dip your toes into the transformative waters of 1MindBodyFitness.

Mindful Movement Enthusiast

per month
Introduction to Tai Chi: Dive into the fundamentals of Tai Chi, learning its principles and basic movements that promote mindfulness.
Introduction to Qi Flow in Qigong: Explore the art of Qigong and harness the flow of Qi, experiencing inner serenity and vitality.
Introducing Well-Being with Chinese Medicine: Gain insights into Chinese Medicine's wisdom, and understand how it enhances holistic health.
Explore Self-Care Lifestyle: Rediscover the joy of living in balance and harmony, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

Balanced Wellness Seeker

per month
  • Explore Graceful Strength: Embrace the therapeutic mix of Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi.
  • Integration and Practice: Merge understanding of Tai Chi, Qigong, mindfulness, and wellness dynamics that align your mind and body.
  • Mind-Body Harmony in Tai Chi: Deepen your Tai Chi practice, aligning mind and body for a profound sense of serenity.
  • Evolve Qigong Methods: Elevating the evolution of Qigong techniques and movements to further enhance mindfulness and vitality.

Optimal Well-Being

per month
Advanced Tai Chi Mastery: Take your Tai Chi practice to the next level, mastering intricate forms and deepening your connection with this art to assist in coaching knowledge.
Advanced Qigong Mastery: Take your Qigong practice to the next level, mastering intricate forms and deepening your connection with this art to assist in coaching knowledge.
Meditation and Mind Mastery: Achieve a higher level of mindfulness and inner peace through advanced meditation techniques to assist in coaching knowledge.
Holistic Wellness Expertise: Become a wellness expert by delving into advanced Chinese Medicine concepts and their practical applications for optimal health.

Join us in this journey of wellness, wisdom, and connection.

Immerse yourself in Chinese Medicine's profound wisdom, Kung Fu's elegance, Qigong's calm, Tai Chi's mindfulness, and Meditation's connection.

About Us

1MindBodyFitness, originally established as the Int Kim-Loong Wushu Centre in 1990, has evolved into a transformative haven for holistic wellness. Founded by husband & wife partnership Dr. Jeff Lan and Amanda Lan, and later joined by their kids, who are now pursuing their own paths in life. Our mission is to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and balanced living. We cater to both local and international communities, offering a unique integration of Chinese Medicine's wisdom, Kung Fu's grace, Qigong's serenity, and Tai Chi's mindfulness. Through dedicated instruction and personalized guidance, we are committed to empowering each individual to preserve and enhance their life's harmony.

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