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Refer & Earn Program

Refer & Earn. Become a Partner in Success! Bloggers, influencers, and affiliates are welcome. Maximize your income with our referral program. Unlock the power of Referral Earnings and join our Success Partners Program! Boost your income through our referral program with two options:

1. Earn 25% with no obligations for every referral,

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New To Referral Programs

Whether you’re a newcomer to content creation or have limited social platform experience but already have a solid following, we invite you to join us. Grow alongside us, and you might even become a partner. We provide the marketing materials for you. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Who is best suited for us

We’re seeking lively individuals who share our passion for preserving life and radiate enthusiasm for the transformative qualities of Kung Fu’s elegance, Qigong’s tranquility, Meditation’s connectedness, and Tai Chi’s mindfulness. Join us in the journey towards a harmonious and balanced life, and together, let’s spread the benefits of 1MindBodyFitness Health!

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Refer & Earn with 1MindBodyFitness Health

Joining our affiliate program is simple! Share your unique affiliate link with your network, and for every person who signs up for our transformative programs through your link, you’ll earn generous rewards. It’s a win-win – they embrace holistic wellness, and you earn rewards for making a positive impact!

Benefits of Joining:

Why Become an Affiliate with 1MindBodyFitness Health?

  • Generous Rewards: Earn 25% commissions for every successful referral.
  • Be A Partner: Earn 50% commissions from everyone you refer. T’s & C’s Apply.
  • No Cap Referral: There is no cap on your potential earnings; the sky is your limit.
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What is needed to be a partner

If you have experience as an affiliate, influencer, blogger, YouTuber, etc., you're welcome! We're on the lookout for various qualities, and some standout ones include:

  • Operating independently as a coach or instructor (not representing a brand or agency)
  • Being a coach or instructor affiliated with any of our listed partners
  • Operating as an independent creator
  • Maintaining an active and engaged audience
  • Committing to subscribe to or purchase at least one piece of content per month (such as a tutorial, attending a workshop, webinar, course, etc.)
  • Committing to share at least one piece of content per month on specified platforms
  • Agreeing to adhere to and follow our branding guidelines. It's that simple!