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Discover the transformational potential of SA Health Qigong Association membership. Public and Coach access to Health Qigong online & in-person training, courses, merit granting, and coach training possibilities.

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Unlock Your Potential with SA Health Qigong Membership: Affordable, Inclusive, and Global. Join a Thriving Community in 87 Countries, Train with Accredited Coaches, Delve into Chinese Medicine Theory, and Harness the Power of Qigong. Opt for Flexible Subscription Plans—Monthly or Yearly.

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Our mission is to empower individuals through the transformative practice of Qigong. At SAHQA, we go beyond conventional exercise, fostering life preservation and holistic wellness through our unique method—the ‘three adjustments in one.’ Our commitment extends to promoting physical health, emotional balance, and the unity of body and mind.

Enjoy Seamless Access to Our Online Courses. Elevate Your Well-being with SA Health Qigong Membership. Clearly defined information shared for Public and Coach Access To SA Health Qigong Membership.

Simple and easy access with added benefits for members such as;

  • Access all the basic Health Qigong courses at one fee 
  • Discount vouchers for events & workshops
  • VIP invitations to local and International coach training
  • Free live stream & in-person lessons
  • Automatic affiliate benefits (promote us & earn)
  • Host an event or workshop & earn
  • To name a few of the benefits

Health Qigong Wellness

Physical Health Improvements - Experience deep physical health improvements through the ancient practice of Health Qigong, which is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Discover the transformational impact of Health Qigong, whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner. Embrace a practice that transcends age and fitness levels.

Enhancements to Mental and Emotional Well-Being - Elevate your mental and emotional well-being. Discover tried-and-true approaches and practices to enhance emotional balance, stress reduction, and mental clarity. Discover the solutions to emotional resilience and cognitive harmony, and experience the transformational power of our specific methods for a healthier, happier self.

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A limited-time starter special offer. Course access to the 4 Health Qigong Routines, Membership, Ebook, and Healing Music for Sleep problems are all included.

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Explore innovative coach training programs, face-to-face workshops, and online courses tailored for those seeking to empower wellness. Join our supportive community of Qigong experts, where milestones are celebrated, merits awarded, and ongoing online support awaits.

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Our innovative coach training programs, face-to-face workshops, and online courses offer ongoing support. Join our community of Qigong experts to celebrate milestones and receive merit recognition. Empower your wellness journey today.

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